Paul M. Fruci, CPA

Partner Group:

    Paul M. Fruci, CPA

    Paul R. Fruci, CPA

    John Webster, CPA

    Kemper Rojas, CPA.CITP

    Matt Michels, CPA

Accounting Team:

    Ben Nipper, CPA

    Cody Liddicoat, CPA

    Daria Brown, CPA

    Jessica Nichols

    Jennifer Hillhouse, CPA

    Jessica Armentrout, CPA

    Joe Hargrave, CPA

    Josh Reyes, CPA

    Julie Franz, CPA

    Karol Price, CPA

    Kory Kolterman, CPA

    Lindsey Hagen

    Melissa Eastman

    Sandra Atwood, CPA

    Scott Lartz

    Tami Anderson

    Tessa Svennengsen

    Zoe Ann Foltz, CPA

National Executive Search Consultant:

    Lori Fruci

Administrative Team:

    Bridget Bradick

    Jillene Crowley

    Katherine Bumgarner

    Kristina McGoldrick

    Macee Baker

    Nate Fisher

Mergers & Acquisitions Team:

    Paul M. Fruci, CPA

    Paul R. Fruci, CPA

    Lori Fruci


Paul is President of Fruci & Associates, P.S. He has been in practice since 1966 helping businesses solve their problems. He has not only worked and lectured in the Spokane area, but has spoken at national conventions of business owners. 
In addition to new business support, Paul provides tax preparation and planning for individuals and businesses.  He also conducts business valuations, buy-sell negotiations, offers litigation support, accounting computer system design and implementation. 
Paul received his B.A. in Business Administration from the University of Gonzaga, during which time he earned his Certified Public Accountant designation.  He is an active member in the Washington State Society of CPA's, the Spokane Estate Planning Council, the AICPA, and the Washington Association of Accountants.
Please call or email Paul if you have any questions.