Lori Fruci

Brokering is a match-making business and Lori’s expertise brings people and businesses together. Along with the price and terms of a deal, a transaction will only be successful when the seller finds a buyer they can trust to transfer their business’s goodwill into the future. Lori offers the perfect blend of experience and talent essential for bridging gaps between her diverse clientele in order to close transactions.


Prior to working in business brokerage and acquisition, Lori spent the majority of her career in the financial arena. As her first venture out of college, Lori created a company from the ground up and transitioned it into a successful national operating entity. In this company, Lori teamed with a number of high profile business leaders. In 2000, she joined Fruci & Associates and built a new consulting division for the company serving both private and public sector clients primarily in the financial arena. Her responsibilities included providing business owners and CEO’s the human capital solutions for their companies. During this period, Lori had the opportunity to meet and work with over 1,500 different business owners and leaders.


Lori’s intuition, whether in regard to business or people, allows her to continuously remain in the top tier of company client satisfaction. She is also active in the community where she has served as Head Judge for the Chamber of Commerce for an Inland Northwest Business Excellence Award for over six years.


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When Lori is not hard at work, she loves spending time in the great outdoors and is an enthusiast of alpine skiing, ski racing, bike touring, mountain biking, water skiing, and competing in triathlons and half-marathons. Lori graduated from Eastern Washington University with a BS in Business Management & Human Resources. Lori is a licensed real estate broker in Washington.