Paul R. Fruci, CPA



Paul is Vice President of Fruci & Associates, and has been with the firm since 1993. He is also a member of the Business Development Team. Paul's range of experience includes tax services, financial statements, auditing, trouble-shooting, and business consulting.


One of Paul’s biggest strengths is coaching business managers. Paul works to open doors that were not visible before; increasing options available to clients.


Paul's leadership ensures that implementation is the order at hand. With successful implementation, proper vision, and effective management style, the results exceed expectations.


Paul is married, and has four sons and one daughter.  He is the 3rd generation of the Fruci family accountants.



“Challenging every aspect of the way a company looks at itself is essential in enabling companies to become industry leaders. Effective implementation determines a company's effectiveness. It is not what management knows, but rather how they use their knowledge to build an extraordinary company, that makes them successful.” -Paul



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