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At Fruci & Associates, our team is the most important asset and, therefore, staffed with the best and most qualified candidates. Each member of our team understands and supports the vision of our firm and the role that they play to accomplish that vision. With a high level of trust and mutual respect among all of our team members, we are able to extend that same trust to each of our clients.


We are proud to have a team where the welfare of the organization and its clients are placed above self-interests. Team members enjoy rewarding financial benefits, a stimulating work environment and active involvement in the firm’s overall decision-making process. We are committed to the personal, professional, and career development of each team member, and strive to foster a diverse and professional environment where talented people share a passion for their work and clients.

Fruci & Associates - Partner Group
Fruci & Associates II - Partner Group
Accounting Team
Administrative Team
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