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Accounting Services and Audits

Assurance Services


We view our role in the financial reporting process as an opportunity to provide constructive solutions to maximize your organization’s profitability and efficiency. 


We know that audits are an interruption to day-to-day operations. Therefore, we strive to design our procedures to ease the burden on employees and increase efficiency while still ensuring our procedures are sufficient to meet the needs of regulators and other financial statement users. For example, we will make requests that are productive for our audit procedures, not just a long list of everything that we might need.  We do not consider the issuance of our financial statements to be our only service to you – consulting and meetings throughout the year for management and board members are encouraged.  We have experience auditing a variety of organizations:  mining companies, publicly-traded companies, not-for-profit organizations (including “Yellow Book” and Single Audits), foundations, employee benefit plans, broker-dealers, technology companies, professional service organizations, and various other types of private companies. 


Assurance services consist of:

  • Audits of the Financial Statements – procedures are designed and performed in order to obtain the highest level of assurance over financial reporting.

  • Financial Statement Reviews – inquiries and analytics over financial information are performed in order to obtain limited assurance over financial reporting.

  • Compilation/Preparation of Financial Statements – generally, assurance is not provided and financial statements are created directly from client information.This is common for internal reporting and small business bank loans.

  • Agreed-Upon Procedures – when an audit or review is not required, management or other financial information users may request services that address only certain financial statement areas, compliance requirements, transactions processes, or internal control procedures.We can design procedures to meet these needs and provide a final report on the results of our testing.

  • Single Audits – generally required for not-for-profit organizations that expend over $750,000 in federal funds (some for-profits companies that receive federal funding may also require similar types of audits).Funding and procedures related to federal programs are tested for compliance with Uniform Grant Guidance and relevant grant requirements.

  • “Yellow Book” Audits – designed to meet Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards as issued by the Government Accountability Office to address internal controls over financial reporting.

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