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The internship team will work on tax returns and specialized tax software. In addition to receiving daily training, you will also work one-on-one with our professional team. We believe that hands-on training is the best way to learn and grow your ability. Our firm throws their resources, team, and heart into the internship program. We believe it is a tremendous opportunity for you to begin your career in this very exciting and dynamic field. Plus, in this economic business environment it is crucial to get real-life experience. This experience will stand out on your resume and separate you from the other applicants.

  • Gain experience processing reviewed statements and audits

  • Extensive training as far as your ability allows you to go

  • Intern College Credits available for eligible enrolled students in accounting programs

  • Opportunity for a permanent position while in school (part-time or full-time) or after graduation

  • A chance to do high level accounting as you create a professional reference


Jillene Crowley  509-624-9223

Tax Internship

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